So yesterday I had my second interview at that agency in Soho. The account director, who I interviewed with, reminded me a lot of my mom. Anyway, I just heard back and found out that they “went with someone else.” However, there is apparently another open position that the HR girl requested me for. That’s great and all. It’s great that I’m getting a lot of interviews, but really, it’s really wearing on me never being offered a job. I don’t know what else I need to do. I’m being myself and I have this passion for advertising, as well as 2 degrees in it, but apparently that’s not enough. I am so frustrated, and feel so rejected. I wonder if I could move home, live with my parents, get a job there and sublease my apt. Gosh they’d be mad if I did that. Mom and I had a conversation before I moved here…she told me that if I didn’t move in with them now they wouldn’t move in with me later.


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