Last Night

Last night started out with a queen who lives in my building telling me I was fierce. I guess he liked my hot pink pumps. He commented on that fact that they matched my earrings.

Then at the bar where I was meeting up with my friends I met a guy who was really cool…and his brother is one of the 4 VPs of ESPN. He’s apparently putting together a new marketing/adv team. His words: “everything happens for a reason.”

After BB+R we went to BJ’s for a flash back to last summer. Brian, the manager pretty much offered me a job at their new bar that’s opening by Madison Square Garden. That would be exciting.

When I left there I went to stay at Stephanie’s…I didn’t want to pay for a cab home and the subway isn’t safe at 2:45am. When I got to her building everything was all blocked off. There had been a shoot out between some guy and the police. A cop let me under the police tape and walked me the 20 feet to the door. When I got in an elevator there were 2 detectives who were looking for something. One said, “there it is” and pointed to the floor. I looked down and saw blood. The other one looked at me and asked if I’d mind taking a different elevator. I said not at all.

I had a pretty eventful night…I had a fun night.


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