Self Esteem

I feel pretty right now. Maybe it’s just the heat. But I also feel chubby. Not that I am…but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel it. I hate that I don’t have a place to go run. I wish I could afford a gym membership. If anyone wants to buy me a gift, there’s a great idea for you.

This morning I had an interview at a staffing agency that felt like a COMPLETE waste of my time. I almost walked out. Oh well. Then a recruiter called me who says agencies are really hiring right now. I think he’s just trying to get me to work with him, because in a month and a half I still don’t have a job, so they must not be hiring too actively. Then I got a call from an agency a friend works at. He says he only passed on my number and I didn’t submit anything, but they have my resume…I have no idea how. Anyway, I have a phone interview with them tomorrow morning. Monday I start a temp job that lasts for a month. It’s absolutely NOT what I want to do, but it’s $20/hr. for a month. I just hope it doesn’t inhibit my job search.


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