The way things are

I know this is what I always say I want, but is it? So far I’ve been here since May 15th, I’ve had 16 interviews with something around 45 people and I still don’t have a job. “No one is hiring.” or “they’re hiring an internal reference.” I have no money. I have no job. I have an ok relationship with a guy who won’t call me his girlfriend, who I haven’t hung out with on a weekend yet. We’ve been talking for a year and to be fair, the last few weekends one or the other of us has been out of town, but this weekend he has friends in town, which means I won’t hear from him, and it shouldn’t be that way. I’m not sure anymore that he’s what I want or deserve. I have some friends here, who won’t venture out to new bars in new areas. Last night I was supposed to meet up with some friends, but they didn’t go out until 12:30 and by then even though I had been ready to go out, I was ready for bed, so I didn’t go out. They said tonight we would go out, but I haven’t heard from them and the other friends who were going to come just bailed on me.

Ok, so to recap…I’m living in an expensive city with no job, I have an “eh” boy thing, and great friends who bail on me. I am homesick and beginning to wonder why I came out here. It’s obviously not playing out in my favor and I just miss the life I had 3 months ago. I miss my girls, I miss great guy friends, I miss having an income, and I miss having too many things to do. At least I can get some sleep tonight so I can get up for church tomorrow.

Oh, and I miss my mom.


2 responses to “The way things are

  1. considering you’re broke, maybe it’s not that bad you didn’t get to go out.

    moms are always missed the most. i know.

  2. Dad’s are missed too

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