This guy and his situation remind me of the movie The Skulls.  Not because of a secret society, not because he’s rich(although I’m sure he is), but because he did something bad…he did a lot things bad…and he’s getting off.  He may have leaked a CIA agent’s name, he may have lied to cover things up, he may have done a bunch of rotten things, like the men in The Skulls and Bush is commuting him, which makes it like he never did them at all.  He won’t have to serve the 30 month prison sentence he was given. 

I don’t understand how being famous or powerful or rich should change the way you are punished.  Many of these people end up with no punishment at all, which to them says, “it wasn’t that bad, it’s ok.” and they do it again.  Paris Hilton…driving under the influence.  I’m glad she went to jail, I’m glad she was “traunmatized,” now she won’t be on the road after she’s been drinking and that’s one less person out there who would potentially kill me.  Lindsay Lohan needs to be locked up, this guy needs to be locked up, Ken Lay needs to be reincarnated and locked up.  The laws weren’t made with a clause that said, “unless you are rich and powerful,” so they shouldn’t be carried out that way.  They should fine you the max, you can afford it, but that probably won’t hurt and neither will parole, because your people will cover for you…there needs to be a sufficient punishment for bad people with money.  Mostly I’d just like to beat them with a belt and get a president in power who doesn’t want to help out his cronies.

 PS.  Why does Bush have this power in the first place?  Who thought it would be a good idea to allow the president to excuse people without anyone else being able to say {read: do} anything about it?!?


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