Physical Activity

Yesterday for the first time since January or February I went for a run.  I’ve been wanting to, it’s just been a matter of getting my laziness up to do it.  I needed to destress, unwind, and be alone, so for a run I went…except for in this city you’re never alone.  It was kind of fun playing dodge people.  It annoys me (not only when I’m running) though that people here are so freaking oblivious!  They don’t notice you, they don’t care to notice you and they’re most definitely not considerate enough to move over and let you by.  Manners: parents need to start teaching them again.  (Sidenote: Parents in the 70’s decided to be cool and be friends with their kids, thus leaving us with a generation of people who weren’t brought up strictly, therefore robbing following generations of a sufficient upbringing.  Damn you flower people!)  Anyway, my run was wonderful.  I left just as the sun had set and made my way up to and around Union Square and then back.  It was probably only a mile or so, but I’ve got to start back up somewhere…plus I was hungry.


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