Again…my brother…

I don’t understand how exactly the government decided my brother is not only capable of protecting this country, but also that he is worthy of “top secret security clearance.”  I’m sure they know him very differently than I do, but this is the kid my parents kicked out of the house for having weed.  This is the guy who was 19 and driving his drunk best friend’s car at 4am, got in a wreck, and drive off only to get home and go back.  This is the guy who all but failed out of community college, who can’t keep a job, who would rather roller-blade than do anything else, who anything but grown up.  This is the guy who seems to lack most common sense.  This is the guy who is given top secret security clearance.   To a point a friend made, the government is probably grateful for any volunteer who comes to them.  I’m sure this is true, but there’s a difference between being infantry and not being able to tell people what you do.

 The latest news in his story of sharp common sense is this.  Friday night he apparently went to a friends and just ran in for a second to tell them something.  He parked the car, windows down and went in.  In the car were shipping labels my mom had printed with both their address and mine on them, insurance information and car maintenance information (all with their address on them), and house keys.  He did manage to take the car keys with him, so points to him for that I guess.  When he got back to the car the trunk was as open as open gets, the house keys were missing, as were some of the papers from the console.  Great.  On Wednesday my dad leaves for India and Spain for 3 weeks.  Yesterday my parents spent the day changing the locks on the front and back doors of the house as well as the garage.  You would think that after 22 years you would outgrow unnecessary inconveniences…and stupidity.


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