Last night I was in my room, on my bed doing god-knows-what when I saw light in the hall that looked like the flickering of a fire.  I got up to go check it out, got a little freaked and asked my roommate who’d just come out of his room what it was.  The lights in both the kitched and his room were flickering, mine was off.  Then they all just quit working.  There is a restaurant across the stree that I can see from my window and it appeared to be having the same problems, then I heard someone go out onto the street and say the whole block was having the same problems.  I then decided to set out for a candle since I have no flash light and the sun was about to set.

 Venturing out in the neighborhood is always a welcome adventure.  No one else seemed to be having power problems though.  Bad luck for us I guess.  I went to Trader Joe’s, picked up some things (mostly cold…great idea with no power, huh?), got myself a candle and returned to the apt where the lights weren’t working, but some of the outlets were.  ConEd was in the street already working by then.  As the night went on ConEd got louder and eventually all the power in the apartment was not working.  No fans, no alarms, no phone charger.  Great.  I tried to go to sleep about 12, but couldn’t.  I tossed, turned, made phone calls, sent text messages, and finally got up to get some food, but my roommate was on the kitchen floor.  Apparently it was cooler than his room.  I couldn’t get to the fridge, but I suppose he couldn’t sleep either because he asked me if I could step over him alright.  I told him I didn’t really need to, I was just bored and couldn’t sleep.  I went back to bed, laid there some more, swatted mosquitos and eventually drifted to sleep.  I drifted off about 3 times last night and every time was woken by loud noises in the street (such as a jack-hammer).  I finally fell asleep for good about 4 and woke up about 6.  By then the power was back on, but ConEd was still outside.  The high today is 98, I’m just glad we will have fans again.  If you’d like to buy me an air conditioner, please let me know.


One response to “Blackout?

  1. pwr is a great thing huh? my wife bought me one of those electric razors, damn thing has all of this prerequisites that are really excuses to why it sucks…anyway..I was thinking, while brushing my teeth with my electric toothbrush, if we lose power for a long time…I’m going to have bad teeth and a beard!


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