Discovering reality

Today is clear and beautiful.  From here on the 42nd floor in a downtown building I swear I can see all the way to the Bronx…maybe to upstate.  There is no haze today, no visible humidity, and everything is perfectly clear.  So pretty.  I have a perfect view of the Statue of Liberty, of midtown, of Jersey…of all of it and you know what, I appreciate it, because for the last 2 weeks it has been hazy.  I guess the rain last night cleared it away.  It poured all across the city just in time for everyone to get out of work and get all wet.  Luckily, my umbrella was laying on my bed, at home.  Awesome.  I braved it to the subway station and headed uptown to meet “the girls” for margeritas and dinner.  Good times.  The older we get the more I feel like the Sex and the City girls sitting down to dinner.  The things we talk about and the attitudes we all have seem so similar to me.  It’s kinda weird.

 So yesterday I went to lunch with a guy I’m working with.  We went to this place that has a little bit of everything, which is not good for me when making decisions about food, because naturally, I want it all.  Anyway, when we were doing the whole “getting to know” you thing he somehow ended up talking about how he worked down here on 9/11 and was in a building literally next to the first tower that fell.  He was telling me that they could see everything, the planes, the people falling/jumping out of the buildings and that everyone knew that if there were planes up in the buildings, there was no way those fires were going to be put out and that they were going to fall.  He said when they tried to evacuate their building was when the first tower fell and that they ended up not being able to evacuate.  He was with 6 people then and 2 of them ended up dying.  It’s crazy, I can’t imagine.

 Then, yesterday as the rain was coming in the secretary of the CEO was talking to one of the girls here and said she was glad *insert guys name here* wasn’t up here with us.  I don’t know who she was talking about, but apparently he’s afraid of big storms.  Then she said, “can you imagine if he was here with us on September 11th?  The plane was like right there.” (We’re about a block from where the world trade center is/was and where I sit faces where the buildings were.)  I mean, I guess it makes sense and I really did know it, but I never actually thought about how most of these people who are working down here (in the financial district) now were down here 6 years ago and experienced “that day.”  I remember where I was, what I was doing and what most of my day (even the week) was like.  I can’t imagine having been able to look out my window and watch it all unfolding, wondering what the hell was going on, and fearing for my own life.


One response to “Discovering reality

  1. I remember just getting back to our room after showering and you were actually awake and sitting at the computer while talking on the phone to your mom/dad. I didn’t know what was going on and as soon as I looked at the TV the second plane hit. That was so crazy.

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