I had a lunchtime interview again today.  Not entirely sure what I think of the company, but we’ll see what happens.  I have a second interview tomorrow at lunch with a different company where I interviewed Tuesday.  I was there for 2 hours, so I was gone from work for about 2 and a half.  I felt like a jerk, but really had very little control over the time I spent there.  I was a little annoyed because they knew I was on my “lunch break,” but still kept me that long.  I felt it was inconsiderate.  Yesterday morning the HR woman asked me to come back tomorrow.  Shoot, I’m down.

 Anyway, on my way back here I took the express train from Grand Central and we got stuck.  What should have been a 15 minute trip took somewhere around 30.  There was apparently an “emergency” on the train in front of us, so we sat between Grand Central and Union Square.  Then they couldn’t get the platform to retract, so we had to wait for that to get fixed.  Bleh!

 The moral of the story?  Don’t go on lunchtime interviews.


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