From “House passes bill to bring troops home in ’08” on CNN.com:

“The president said it is not Congress’ job to make decisions regarding the war.”  Really?  Did the man not take the required government class in high school?  That is exactly what their job is.  They vote on going to war, funding war, and ending war…among other things.

“Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio” – How unfortunate is that name??  Too bad men can’t take their wife’s name.  If I married him I would totally keep my own.

“We’re told, ‘Good progress is being made. Wait till September. Good progress is being made.’ How many times over the last 4½ years have we heard this?” Reid asked.    Good point…they’ve been saying that for years now.


One response to “Outtakes.

  1. There’s a lady I work with who’s last name is Johnson.. and her boyfriends last name is Whacker… and she want’s to hyphenate her last name infront of his…

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