Time zone differences…among other things.

So I have decided that as far as time zones go, Eastern is the worst to live in.  Sure, you get the holidays first and you see the sun rise first, but that’s about it.  Your tv shows come on later, thus more time to waste after work and the later you have to stay up to see them.  And although bars stay open until 4 here (making it easier to stay out and actually see that sun rise) you are also more apt to be called by drunk friends in other time zones in the middle of the night. 

Last week, for example, my friend Geoff went out and got drunk on a Monday night (hey, if you can do it, good for you), but then when he got home at 3 his time he called me…it was 4am here and my alarm was going off in 2 hours.  Naturally he wanted to talk.  I did not.  Then, when the car he was in got too loud he asked if he could call me back, wtf?!

Then, last night, again at 4am, my phone rang.  I think it woke me up because it was an unfamiliar ring.  I was in a pretty deep sleep too.  The ID said “blocked,” but I’m always afraid not to answer a middle of the night call…what if something bad has happened?  Anyway, I answered and he asked if it was me.  I said yes and he said, “One of my friends was just talking about you and I wanted to call and offer you the cleanest asshole in Austin.” I asked who it was and he laughed.  I heard a friend tell him he couldn’t believe the guy had just said that.  I asked who it was again and he hung up.  No call back, no text, no nothing.  I guess I can chalk it up to drunken debauchery, but they were sober enough to block the phone number.

My guess is a friend was talking about me, and his friend said let me call her, which would be why I didn’t recognize the voice.  They had to have known me well enough and know that I lived in Austin.  Too bad I don’t anymore…his offer doesn’t do me much good.  Anyway, I can’t figure out if it was meant to be an insult or what.   Really, what does that even mean?  Cause I promise I don’t go anywhere near anyone’s business like that.


One response to “Time zone differences…among other things.

  1. That’s why you texted me at 4am my time? Come on, I’d A)Not block my number and B)Think of something much better to say than that

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