Athena alerted me today about the pirated copies of the latest Harry Potter book that you can download online.  It is not a transcript, the publisher didn’t release an electronic one in order to avoid something like this.  Instead, someone took the time to take pictures of every page of the book.  Why would you do that?!?  Anyway, Athena plans to download and read it tonight.   I would just like to say, if she turns up mangled or missing in the next few days, you should probably come looking for me.  This happening would mean she ruined the end of this book for me, like she did the last.  She has been warned.


2 responses to “Piracy

  1. teehee!

  2. The lengths people will go to to save $17.99 at Amazon…

    Crossing my fingers that you get to the end of the book Athena does!

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