Walking in the rain

A. Why is it that all the walking cities seem to be up north where the weather is worse?

B. I hate walking in this city when it’s raining.  Why?  Not because my feet get wet.  That’s easy, I wear a skirt so I don’t have to wait for my pants to dry and flip flops so I can change my shoes when I get to work…but because of all the dang umbrellas.  Imagine the street as crowded as it is and add umbrellas that knock into each other and that knock into you.  It’s annoying.  I especially hate the guys with the umbrella that could house a Catholic Mexican family.  I also hate the people who don’t move their umbrellas AT ALL.  Sometimes a crowded, rainy New York street requires one to raise or tilt their umbrella during the walk.  All the non compliant assholes need to have their umbrellas taken away.  That’ll show them!


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