Too touchey

Last night I was walking on a sidewalk uptown and this guy came up behind me and put his hands on my hips, like a boyfriend would.  I jumped because some random on the street putting his hands on me scared me.  My reaction, obviously unfavorable caused him to apologize.  He said he thought I was someone else, but I don’t believe him.  I felt violated.   I need my space.

Today I was walking in midtown to the subway and this guy walked up from behind me and ended up next to me like he was going to pass me.  He ended up saying hi, asking how I was doing, asking if these are my eyes (no, I stole them from some other girl cause I thought they were cool), and walked there awkwardly.  About a half a block later I had to go right and he kept going straight.  He told me to have a blessed day.  Hmm.

The other day there was a debate here about whether or not guys in this city are cold and don’t approach girls or not.  I vote not…maybe it was just that girl.


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