I feel like I need to douse myself in some cleansing chemical, among other things.  So I live in New York and things like rats and roaches are just part of life here.  I expect to see them, but most in the subway or on the sidewalk.  I know that if you live in a groundfloor apt you will get them more frequently, but I have see 3 very large (like an inch and a half long) roaches in the last 2 weeks.  Saturday I was sitting at my computer and felt like my hair was tickling my leg, so I brushed it away, but it wasn’t my hair, it was a roach!  Eeew.  I’m usually ok with roaches and other bugs.  Killing them doesn’t bother me.  I don’t dance all over and scream, I find a shoe and smush whatever it is that it’s trying to cohabitate with me.  My long-term ex was afraid of crawly things, so it was up to me not to be.  They’re not that bad…until they’re crawling on me!  Gross!!  Then, shortly after that I was sitting on my bed reading when a spider crawled across my dress.  I need an exterminator!

 Oh, oh, and this person (cat lady I assume) in my building likes to put out birdfood and walnuts for the pidgeons (read: flying rats) and squirrels (read: rats with big tails).  Because of this they’re always around and out on my fire escape.  Because I don’t have AC, I leave my windows open.  Yesterday when I was sitting on my bed reading, one of the squirrels that frequently runs across my window sill stopped, put his front legs in my window and looked around.  These furry little bastards also ate a peach I put in the window to ripen in the sun.  I’m so over bugs and animals…and I want to go chew out the cat lady for attracting more than need be nearby!


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