Well, like I said, last week I was offered a job.  It is as an assistant media planner at a very large company.  As soon as I was offered the job I was asked by a boutique shop that I have interviewed at for 2 different accounts before to come interview for a third.  A also had an interview at a mammoth advertising agency 2 days after my offer for an assistant account executive position.

 At the mammoth agancy things went really well.  I could tell the woman interviewing me had looked at my resume before and prepared questions.  She asked me interesing, provoking questions and we had good conversation.  One question that really surprised me came about halfway through the interview: “Do you like to present or write?”  After about a second and a funny face I said, “write.”  She answered, “I knew that.”  Not sure what that meant, but I was surprised and for some reason it really left me impressed.  I feel like she really got to know me in that interview and at the end of it she told me, “I really like you, I think you’re great.” Then she was telling me about the next interview steps and how she didn’t think their entry level salary would work for me.  Awesome!  I can’t wait to go back.  The account is a fun one that I like the ads for and it really is a great company. 

Today I had the interview at the botique place.  I feel like the interview went really well, but that’s how I felt after all my other interviews there.  They keep asking me to come back, but they keep not hiring me.  I’m gonna need them to decide.  They like me or they don’t; cause they’re certainly not paying me to interview.  Anyway, the girl I interviewed with seemed really nice and like someone I could work really well with while having fun.  About an hour after I got back to this here temporary job of mine I got an email from the head hunter saying they want me to come back to meet the rest of the team later this week.  Sweet action.  Will try to keep things up to date.

 In the mean time, I have a job offer with a great team/company for bad pay.  The other 2 are great companies/teams too with slightly better pay…we will see what happens.


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