Too little too late

Last night when I got off the subway my phone vibrated, alerting me of a text message.  It was from a number I didn’t have programmed into my phone, but when I read the message, “I’m sorry for the way I treated you, for what it’s worth,” I had a suspision of who the number belonged to.  I called a friend, asked for this other person’s phone number and it was confirmed.

The person who wrote this text message is someone I have known, maybe not well, for a long time.  Late in college we grew closer than we had been in the past, and every time one of us was single or we were both at home, we would more or less turn to each other.  He always wanted me to come to him, he rarely came to me, and he wanted to talk/hang out when it was convenient for him.  I truely liked this person, and the feelings were not returned.

During Christmas break there was a small falling out and things were slightly repaired.  Then this spring he came to visit me, saying he needed to get out of the city he was in.  Why? To get away from girl problems.  Always to get away from girl problems.  See, that’s the thing.  When a girl breaks his heart, he comes to me and wants to talk and hang out.  Then when he finds another girl, he returns to treating me like I barely matter.  My feelings are/were/have been ignored.  When a girl breaks his heart or when he doesn’t know what to do or when she’s not treating him well that’s when he wants to talk.  The last time he came to visit me I was done with it.  I don’t deserve to be treated the way he’s treated me, and so I stop putting up with it.  We haven’t spoken since we were out one night that weekend.  We didn’t speak on the walk back to the car, or on the ride home, or once we got home, or even when he left the following morning.  I’ve since told him the things he left at my apartment are at my parents house, although I don’t think he ever picked them up.

I’m not sure why the text yesterday.  I want to think it’s because a girl has broken his heart again, but of this I absolutely have no real idea, only my speculations.  I didn’t reply because I don’t know what to say.  It’s just too little too late.


2 responses to “Too little too late

  1. You’ll always have me ;) …. I’m not sure if that helped or made things worse.

  2. Its ok. I just hope everything is well.

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