People in this city

Ok, so the night before last I was going to my friend’s place.  When I got in the elevator with 2 other guys one of them was that obnoxious guy on the cell phone speaking loudly without regard for the other people who he is sharing the space with.  He was some queen talking trash about a girl he and the person on the phone mutually know.  The more he spoke the more dramatic he got and the more his stereotypical lisp came out.  Then the smell of alcohol slowly made its way over me to; maybe he didn’t have a lisp, maybe he was just that drunk.

 Yesterday when I got on the subway to come home, there were again problems with the trains and more people than could fit on the one that had just arrived were waiting.  I’d already been passed by by the one before because I couldn’t get on it, and this one I got on.  There was hardly room for me, but about 8 more people forced their way on as well.  A couple of them I assume worked together and one of them was carrying a chair.  Next thing I know I’m all contorted and standing weird because I’m being pushed around by the people who can’t fit on the train, specifically the guy with the chair.  Then, all of the sudden, his face is on my boob.  I want to think he was being pushed from behind, but really, I don’t know you.  You couldn’t fit in the first place, and what are you doing trying to transport a chair during rush hour?!?  Get a cab!

Then last night as I was heading uptown to meet a friend for drinks I was standing in a turnstyle (sp?) with my card damn near swiped when this guy decided I was in his way and walked out, with no regard whatsoever for me.  I backed up (cause otherwise we’d both stand there in the turnstyle), looked him in the face and said, as sarcastically as I could, “Oh, that’s my fault, I’m so sorry I was in your way.”  He never even acknowledged me.  Dick.  The guy behind him waited for me to go.

Then, when the train arrived, there were still apparently problems and delays and it makes more sense and works better when people who want to get on stand and wait for everyone who is getting off, like an elevator, to get off and then the people who were waiting get in.  Makes life much easier.  As soon as the doors open this family of like 15 who spoke no english pushed and shoved their way on.  Ass holes.  I gave them as many dirty looks as I could.  So rude, and they’re teaching their children to be like that…to have no regard for the rest of the people they share this city with.  I hope you’re tourists and I hope you leave and never come back!  Oh, and then when we were all finally on the train that family was all spread out and taking up a ridiculous amount of room while everyone else was all squished and uncomfortable.  *Fume!*


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