What to do…what to do…

Ok, so I emailed the recruiter this morning.  She got back to me and said the agency I’d interviewed at for the third account “went with someone else.”  They said I wasn’t relaxed enough and that I should have been more myself.  I was myself!  It’s hard to be completely relaxed when you’re trying to get the interview in on your lunch break, you’re half wet from the pouring rain outside, and you’re sitting at a little table in an open corner listening to the construction about 10 feet away!  Plus, you’re in an interview, who isn’t a little tense?!  Gah, I’m so over that agency.  No more calling me in to not hire me.

Talked to the big agency where I interviewed Friday to tell them I’ve been extended an offer and that they’re pushing me to set a start date.  She said they will call their top 2 in next week to meet with the group director.  I made it clear to her that I am very interested in that job and really like it there.  AND they will pay me a third more than the offer I have right now.  I hope I’m in their top 2…I guess we will see next week.

I got a call yesterday from the temp agency I’ve been working for who said another mammoth ad agency has a temp to perm position she’d like me to consider.  The temp pay sucks! The temp period will last about a month and will then go perm if it works out, and the perm salary is pretty nice, although I’m not sure it’s really an advertising job, it may just be a job in an ad agency…but it is a way in.

Finally, yesterday I got my offer letter from the place that offered me the job.  Great company, great accounts, cool team, scary pay, no vacation this year, benefits to start when I start.  My concerns are these.  I will have NO vacation this year, and I was originally told it would be prorated.  I will be given one personal day.  Ok, so what about Christmas and the fact that my family doesn’t live in this part of the country??  Next, the pay…it’s just terrible.  I have a masters, and I know most people don’t care about that, but this is less that I ever expected.  I was told, however, from the get go that it is non-negotiable.  Finally, next year when I am “eligible” for vacation I can earn 1 day for each month I work, up to 10 days for the year.  I was told they were given 2 weeks and I had no idea I had to “earn” it!  I wish I lived in Spain, they give you like a month off!

 It’s all stressing me out.  Last night I drank.  I needed to drink.  During the week.  That’s not good.


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