Do you have a Y chromosome? I don’t!

I hate that I cannot plunge toilets. I think it might be something that is coded in male DNA. In the last day my toilet has clogged 3 times. I wanted to blame it on my roommate, but now I just want to blame it on shitty NYC plumming. I have tried to plunge it, but have no been successful. I have watched people plunge before and been told how to do it, but I guess I just don’t have the touch. I do it and nothing happens. I suppose that since this might be one of the grossest tasks in life, it shouldn’t be too upsetting that I suck at it. However, I hate not being able to do something. Yesterday my friend and I stopped a guy who was taking out his trash who lives upstairs and he graciously unplugged the toilet for us. Today I finally called maintenance. I called 5 times throughout the day and they finally sent someone when I told them it was starting to make the apt smell. Nevermind the fact that I might have had to pee really bad. I didn’t, but they didn’t know. If someone’s toilet isn’t functioning I would think that would take precident over other more minor maintenance issues, but who am I to make those decisions. If it clogs again tonight I think I’ll be pissed.


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