Rush hourS

This morning about 6am I was laying in bed listening to the splat of rain drops on my things and trying to ignore the entirely too close lightning strikes. I finally gained enough consciousness to decide I needed to get up and close my windows so my things didn’t get ruined. As soon as I did I realized how hot that really does make my sweat box of an apartment.

A storm came though with strong sideways rain that the trees in front of my apartment, uncharacteristically, didn’t block and very close, very loud, very violent lightning. It reminded me of being back in the south when a tropical storm rolls in. I am a very heavy sleeper and I rarely wake up for anything, so the fact that this storm not only woke me up, but kept me up says a lot.

Once I actually woke up and got going this morning I started hearing that commuting was about impossible. Apparently the storm flooded subways, basements, streets, and whatever else. People had been stuck in traffic for 3 hours and had had to walk across town to work because there was no subway, busses were too full to let people on, and taxis were all full. They’re the first resort before the busses, so that’s a given. I was talking to a friend who has been here for 2 years and she told me the only time since she’s been here that she’s seen it like today was during the mass transit strike about a year and a half ago. Crazy. I’m just glad I didn’t have to commute today.


2 responses to “Rush hourS

  1. Don’t know if I mentioned it, but I took a week-long vacation to the southwest last week. Laughed when I saw the front page of the Times (Rain Causes Massive Delays!) while my feet were propped up on a cafe table in Santa Fe!

  2. see that just proves the west is the best! :D

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