Quick update

I don’t have much time at all.  I started the new job this week.  So far I really like it, but it’s only been 3 days and I do feel pretty overwhelmed.  Monday was orientation all day.  Yesterday I came to work, got briefed a little, went to Long Island where we met with one of the clients and their new creative team, came back, got briefed a little more, then went to a dinner with one of the sales guys from one of the places we work with.  Today I have my first thing to do on my own, then I’m sure I’ll sit and “learn” more later.  Tonight after work I am going with 2 other girls from the team to get manis/pedis with some client.  I don’t know.  I think the dinner, the mani/pedis and the booze cruise tomorrow night that one of our clients is throwing (that I can’t go to because of prior plans – Justin Timberlake) are all the things I learned about in college that are unethical to accept.  Hmm. 


2 responses to “Quick update

  1. unethical? hmm . . . no no . . . unethical would be not flying in to go see ZZ TOP! hooker! They are a totally incredibly fun band!

    besides, how else are you going to get to know your client as well as you should to make sure the ads are as good as they can be?

    who’s your client btw, since you seem to like to call me at the most random ass of hours?

  2. It’s unethical to accept if you’re in journalism…not marketing. In these cases, you just have to use your best judgment. I started a new position this week too and was briefed on the the etiquette to follow in these situations. The things you’ve mentioned sound like they’re on the acceptable list.

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