So, I have been attempting to attend spin and pilates classes at the gym I have recently joined (my inner fat kid is trying to come out and I’m putting a stop to it) and it’s been very sporatic.  It’s difficult to get there by 6 after work seeing as most people are here til 6:30 or 7.  I mean, once I get all comfortable and stuff I suppose I could come in a bit earlier and leave a bit earlier, but right now when I’m all but sitting in peoples’ laps, I should stay until they leave, y’know?

I haven’t made it to a single Pilates class, which makes me unhappy, but they’re at such inconvenient times and there are so few a week.  *pout*  I have made it to 3 spin classes in a week and a half.  Two Friday evenings and a Sunday afternoon.  Well, 3 is better than none and they do break up my regular routine.  Plus, if I was to go every day I might end up walking like those guys you see who’ve just ridden a horse and overexagerate the fact that they can’t close their legs when they walk.  The dang bike seat makes my butt sore.  I need some of those padded shorts!

 Anyway, I have now been going to the gym for almost 2 weeks (I’m big time, I know) and I see no end in sight, which is exciting.  The only think I don’t like about it is that I haven’t been able to go every day (because of work).  I’ma keep tryin though!  Dang it if I won’t squash this outter fat kid and return to simply having an inner fat kid…I like it that way.  I do, however, get to eat like a 16 year old boy when I work out though, and that’s great!


One response to “Spinning

  1. Hi,

    Just randomly came across your blog and saw your post on working out. I’m a trainer and would be happy to answer any questions you might have etc in exchange for a link on your blog. My site is performancelife.wordpress.com
    Thanks for your consideration!

    – Jeff

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