Not to spin

So today I called the gym to reserve myself a spot in the 7pm spin class. At 6 I knew I was going to be late, there was no way I was going to get out of work by 6:30. I left about 6:45, made it to the gym in 10 minutes, changed and went to spin class a couple mins late. Didn’t miss much. As I’m getting my bike ready the instructor walks over and asks where my water is. I looked at him in astonishment and told him I didn’t bring any. He told me to take a few minutes to go get some. I said, really? And he said yes, take a few minutes and go get some, then I could go back because we were going to be doing sprints and he couldn’t have me passing out because he would be liable. Are you kidding me? I pay to come to this gym, I pay to work out here and you’re kicking me out of the damn class I pay for? I pay your salary. You’ve got to be effing kidding me! I was so pissed off. I didn’t get water and I didn’t go back, I got just as good a work out from SportsCenter and an eliptical.  I don’t like to drink when I work out, it upsets my stomach, but I drink a lot both before and after I work out.  I am an adult and I shouldn’t be treated like a child by my gym.  Furthermore, going to get [a tube of] water [as he called it] would have required me to go to the locker room, unlock my locker, get money out of my bag, leave the gym, find a place to buy water, go back to the gym, put remaining money back in my back, relock the locker, and be like 20 minutes late to the class.  There is no doing anything “real quick” in this city.  I wasn’t going to miss half the class because this guy was concerned that I was a liability, so I did my own work out and felt just as accomplished.


One response to “Not to spin

  1. So you didn’t just go get some water and come back real quick?

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