At home

I flew home last night to spend the holiday weekend with my parents, brother, aunt and uncle, and grandparents who are also flying down.  So excited.  I will also get to see two really good friends.  So yesterday I had to go through security at JFK twice because I can’t read signs and instead of ending up on the shuttle to the JetBlue terminal, I ended up in baggage claim.  Dammit.  No way they’d let me back in after that, so I had to stand in the long line again.  Today I am sore because for almost 2 hours I was standing and holding my heavy bag and my September vogue.  I swear it’s 2 inches thick.  So frustrating.  Every time a seat opened up on the hour and 15 minute subway ride a woman who wasn’t holding 50 lbs of stuff would sit down before I could shuffle to the seat and then give me this sarcastic, oops, sorry! look.  Jerks!  Anyway, so I made it through JFK without ever having to show anyone my ID.  Pretty scary when you consider they’ve recently had a bomb threat and it’s one of the busiest airports in the world.  I’m not sure I feel very safe about that.

I also found out from my mom yesterday that my 30 year old cousin whose mom died 2 years ago from ovarian cancer has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  The night she received her mamogram results telling her she was cancer free she found a lump.  In our family women carry cancer genes (I didn’t know they existed), breast cancer, ovarian cancer, other kinds of cancer I can’t remember (you can get tested and they will tell you what genes you carry is you have them).  My cousin knew she had the gene and was planning to have preventative mastectomies and hysterectomy when she was 35.  I guess that was too long to wait.  Such a crazy thought.  It also freaks me out a little because she and I both had appendicitis at the same time and broke our arms at the same time.  We get sick at the same time.  We have this weird connection that our moms had (one knew when the other one went into labor and they weren’t together) and that scares me because lately I have been thinking a lot about breast cancer and checking for lumps.  Hopefully she caught it early.

As for me, I am going to spend my weekend in the pool, eating bbq, drinking margheritas, and reading magazines.  Off to run errands we go.


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