So it has been widely accepted that Britney Spears is a train wreck.  I’ve known it.  In fact, I was never really crazy about her.  I think she had one song when I was a freshman in college that I really liked, but that’s about it.  I certainly never bought an album.  When she fell off I wasn’t surprised and the fact that she can’t get it back together doesn’t surprise me.  I actually root for her to screw up, it’s more entertaining, however, there has to be a point where it’s just sad.  I love a good Britney laugh, but last’s night’s MTV VMAs were so sad that I didn’t laugh, I sat with my hand over my mouth waiting for the end.  If you didn’t see it, youtube it.  Britney looked SO uncomfortable.  It was pathetic.  She wasn’t into it at all…she was stumbling, she was wearing something that a mother of two small children should not be wearing.  What Britney needed to do last night was A. get a new hairdresser and B. wear something that covered her body.  If she wore something flattering and came back with a little confidence (although it must be hard with everyone against you) she could have redeemed herself, but I think she succeeded in showing everyone she’s finished.  It’s almost sad.  Almost.

 Another funny from the night: Justin Timberlake.  He was presented with best male artist of the year or something and the girls who presented his award were Lauren, Audrina and Whitney from The Hills.  At the end of his acceptance speach he said something to the effect of “hey MTV, play music videos, quit with the stupid reality tv.”  There was a large cheer from the crowd.  I wonder what the girls who’d just presented his award were thinking.  Quite funny.

 Finally.  I wish Chris Brown were 5 years older and I wish he lived, I dunno, in the other half of my apt.  I have the biggest, most illegal crush on him.  Awesome. 


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