Is there a difference?

On Sept 11, 2001 the United States was attacked by terrorists who were part of Osama Bin Laden’s network.  Every time OBL releases a video or a letter the media eats it up and it makes news for a week.  This is the man who is probably most heavily responsible for nearly 3000 people dying on 9/11 as well as US embassy attacks, a bombing of the WTC in the early 90’s and a bombing of the U.S.S. Cole.  Who knows what more this man is capable of and will do in his lifetime as well as pass on to others to do.

Now, in the spring of this year a student at Virginia Tech went crazy and in the worst college shooting ever killed 33 people.  He sent a video tape to the media that he made on the day of his shooting in between 2 different instances.  It had a short lived airing and was quickly removed from the media.  People did not want to glorify this “monster” and play his “propaganda” on tv.

Please, someone explain to me the difference!  Why is it not ok to play the tape of a guy who shot and killed 33 people and himself, but it is alright to play the tape of a well known terrist responsible for multiple attacks and the loss of thousands of lives.  Why is he not taken off the air?  Why give him the attention and the outlet?!  Something just seems so wrong.


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