I am jealous of smokers

And what I mean by that is this:

Different people have different ways of relieving stress.  I am a runner and a baker.  Some people smoke.  All through college I consistently ran and baked when I probably should have been studying or reading or brainstorming (although I do do quite a bit of thinking while I am running).  When I get overworked or stressed out I go for a run to get away for a little bit and make myself, or I turn on stupid tv and make cookies (but not to eat, I don’t like cookies very much).  It’s just what I do, it’s what makes me feel better.

So the last two days have been the longest, craziest days between two major campaigns I work on going live.  One is all over the internet (as well as tv and everything else) and most likely you will see it.  It has been a nightmare between all the sites we’re working with, the creative agency not knowing what in the world they’re really supposed to be doing, and the spokes person’s “people.”  Yesterday my boss was out of the office, so it was up to me to handle everything that was going on with this campaign, there is still a lot that’s not right, and launch another campaign as well.  By the end of the day I’d had a few of those moments where you feel completely useless, put your face in your hands, and just sort of pout.  As I was leaving about 9:15, my boss went outside to smoke and that’s when I had this thought.

 I was leaving my stressful day to go run it out.  I had to go to the gym; All he had to do was walk out the door and light a long cylindrical, tobacco filled piece of paper.  In the sense that smokers can walk outside all day long, light up and get away from things I am jealous.  I have to wait until the end of my day (or maybe lunch if I get one – which wouldn’t work because the afternoons seem to be the most crazy) to leave and go to the gym.  Also, back in the day, when I was working at the bar, it was the smoking employees who got breaks, but I didn’t smoke and I didn’t get breaks. 

On a side note, smokers have got to be some of the most dedicated people!  It can be 10 degrees outside, windy and drizzling and you will still see them outside of buildings everywhere. 

But my chances of getting cancer are already high enough, I think I will stick to running.


2 responses to “I am jealous of smokers

  1. You raise a very good point. We need to figure out how to add in running breaks without getting sweaty. We need running rooms instead of smoking rooms that ventalate the air and temp so we come out the same way we came in.

  2. I totally agree with you. I see the same people outside my office building smoking almost every time I enter and leave. They must not work much with all that smoking. And it always seems like an easy way to meet people too. Especially when traveling people make friends by smoking outside a hostel, asking for a light, etc.

    But I’m constantly amazed that people still smoke when we know all the health hazards related to it. Not to mention how expensive it is! Especially here in NYC – people could save a ton of money just by eliminating cigarettes.

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