Last rooftop party of the summer…

I am ligitimately and genuinely embarrassed.

Last night I went out to a party with a bunch of people I work with that was being hosted by a company we work with.  It was on this awesome rooftop in midtown and the weather was perfect!  I started with wine, didn’t have dinner, and then ended up on champaigne…I don’t know how much I had because my boss had the bottle and just kept refilling my glass.  There was an ice louge shaped like a giant platform heel that I made sure to stay away from.   Somehow a beer bong came out, but it wasn’t the kind you see at college parties, those are like auto part store funnels.  This was like grocery store funnel.  People bonged beers and when the beer ran out we used champaign instead.  Classy.

So it was a 70s themed party and one of the girls wore a short, hot pink wig to the party that I somehow ended up with at the end of the night.  We cabbed it to a bar in the east village about 12 and I didn’t have the sense to take the wig off.  I definitely wore it out and to the bar. 

So my boss, whose friend I’ve been out with a couple times asked how things are going with the friend.  I told him I don’t think it’s going anywhere.   Then the guy texted me and my boss said to tell him hi, so I did…and I also told him I told my boss that this isn’t going to go anywhere.  I am absolutely embarassed this morning.  Looks like I’ll be disappearing from him, cause it’s certainly not going to go anywhere after that.

 So when I decided to leave the bar and walk the 3 blocks home in my short, hot pink wig which I should not have done alone at 1am, one of the guys I work with insisted he walk me out.  I thought maybe he was going to be creepy and try to kiss me or something.  Instead he was creepy and offered me coke.  He asked if I wanted it and I said no, so then he asked me not to tell anyone.  Why would you offer a random person you don’t know well and work with coke when they had expressed no interest to anyone whatsoever?  And then why would you ask that they not tell anyone?!?  Note to self: avoid that guy.  Granted, coke is everywhere in New York, but it creeped me out.  I had expressed no interest!

Anyway, the way I feel today is that I don’t want to drink with work people every again, but I absolutely know I will.  Whatever.

Definitely woke up this morning and had no idea how I had gotten home.  I had to think really hard about it…but I have no headache and that is good.  I’m just super hungry.  Good thing somsone is bringing us breakfast at 10. 


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