We’re all busy!!

I have friends, coleagues and aquaintances who all use this excuse to get out of things: “I’m too busy.”

 I call bullshit.  You might be busy, but we are all busy.  You going home and going to bed is not busy.  When someone in New York replies “busy” when I ask them how they’re doing, I reply, “yeah, we’re all busy.”  It might be a little rude, but think about it…that’s the life here.  Every 20-something I know who lives in Manhattan works long hours and is busy, so you are not going to get sympathy from me for being busy!  Some weeks I work 60 hours, go out 3 nights for work (I can’t get out of it), go to the gym and maintain a social life.  Don’t tell me you’re too busy and expect sympathy from me, you’re not going to get it.  If anything, you’re going to annoy me out of talking to you.  Well, then you might have more free time…go ahead, tell me how busy you are.

 With that, I must get back to work.  I have about 4 hours work to do, plus an hour long meeting all to finish before dinner/meeting with a vendor at 7.


2 responses to “We’re all busy!!

  1. Sounds like someone needs to relax and not worry about people when they say they are busy.

  2. hahaha

    I enjoy being busy, so long as there is a cushion of nothing surrounding it. :)

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