Weekend get away

For 3 weeks in the year my aunt and uncle rent a house in Cape May, NJ where they spend that time banding hawks for research.  This year because I am only 3 hours away from themI plan to go down for a long weekend to visit.  Until today I hadn’t worried about booking a rental car or figuring out a train or bus schedule.  This morning I began to look a little.  I thought maybe I should rent myself a car.  1 compact car for 3 days = $287.  It will take aproximately 3 hours to drive there and if I want to drive through Philadalphia to meet up with a friend, I am free to do that.  However, that’s over $95 a day not including gas (which I’ve heard you can’t pump yourself in NJ).  There is no train to Cape May, but there is a bus.  It will cost $15 each way…and take 3 hours.  I want to rent the car, but I know it’s so stupid to do.  It would just be nice not to have to sit on a bus for 5 hours and to be able to drive considering I never get to anymore.

What to do…what to do…


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