So recently my company had our big casino night party that benefits Make a Wish. The company and all the vendors we work with are invited. The vendors all sponsor tables or boards or whatever. There are probably well over 1000 people there and it is open bar and free food. We walked in, put our bags in the bag chack and made our way out to where the mingling had already begun. (*sidenote* I got snubbed by the guys we work with at SI and it irritates me even though we’ve only met once. I remember them and I feel like since they want our business they should remember me…is that conceited? [don’t answer]) So on the stage, at the bars, and on the platforms at the back of the room there were women in high heels and thongs/bra tops that were beaded and feathers on their heads. I think I had my first girl crush on one of these girls. First, their tryout had to have gone something like this:

“How long have you been dancing? That’s nice. Can you please turn around so I can see if your ass is round enough, perfect enough, and all around celluliteless enough? Ok, now can I see your abs? Perfect. Thanks. See you Thursday night”

She had an amazing booty that actually made me proud of mine…and the abs I used to have. I wanted her body. So did all the guys I work wtith. In a very different way. I can legitimately say that night is the first night I can ever remember feeling good about my booty. Ever. In my world I feel like everyone wants you to look like you’re 15. I can’t. I’m not built that way. My waist = 26″ and around my booty = 40″. The woman who measured me actually measured twice because she didn’t believe the difference. I left that night feeling good about myself. It was nice to see other women who are built similarly to me, and it was nice to see people oggling them. Usually I am anti objectifying women, but in this case (it sounds odd, I know) it made me feel really good about myself. It was nice to see that everyone thought they looked so good. It was truely the first time EVER I remember feeling good about my butt. Normally I am wishing it would go away. It never will and I need to learn to appreciate it the way we all appreciated the dancers’ that night.

All in all casino night was a ton of fun…and I didn’t have anything to drink (I think I was still regreting the last party I wrote about). I had a meeting at 9 the next morning with a client, so I went home when it was over instead of going to ride the mechanical bull with my boss, but I felt a lot better than him the next morning too!


2 responses to “Bootyliscious

  1. I love that when you say Booty, you mean it.

    I can’t call my butt a booty. It’s just not the same.

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

    It was the first thing I noticed about you.

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