Mixing work with “pleasure”

So last night we went out after work with one of the vendors we work with.  We went to this really good family style, set menu place and had some good wine with dinner.  After we went to the bar across the street.  I sat down, drinkless, and was planning just to hang out.  Well, apparently that wasn’t ok.  The wouldn’t let me not drink…my boss actually went and got me a drink.  Then the shots started.  The first round I tried to get out of by using the “well, there’s pineapple in it and I’m allergic to pineapple” thing.  That didn’t work…they went and got me my own pineappleless shot.  Then we got tequila, then soco and lime, then more tequila…shot after shot after shot.  The drink my boss got me sat unconsumed all night.  I did not want to drink…sometimes I just don’t and I wish that was ok with people!!

We left about 10:30 and headed up to a bar very close to my place.  They had Woodchuck Cider…no one in this city ever has Woodchuck and it’s my fav…so I actually did want to drink that.  Then the shots came again.  Shot after shot.  Ugh, again, they wouldn’t let me not take them.  My boss always lays a guilt trip on my…he actually mentioned my review when I tried to refuse a drink…and I know that it was a joke, but it still bothered me.

So later in the night when we were all standing around watching a few of the group play pool my boss looked at me and said, stop messing around with my friends.  At first I thought he was talking about the friend I was talking to at that moment because I was giving her a hard time.  Then I backtalked and was like, what?  He made a more serious face and again said, stop messing around with my friends.  I said, what are you talking about?  He told me I knew what he was talking about and to stop messing around with his friends.  That’s when the wires connected…he was talking about his cute, fun friend I went out with a few times.  Little does he seem to know, we haven’t spoken in almost 2 weeks, haven’t been out in longer than that and his friend doesn’t like me.  I don’t know why…I like him, but he quit wanting to hang out and started making excuses to get out of hanging out.  So, we don’t hang out.  Anyway, I guess he thinks I’m messing with his head?  Or he doesn’t like that I was hanging out with him?  I don’t know.  He’s the one who told his friend he should meet me.  Anyway, after a second when he saw that I conncected the dots, he said, “You just need to have sex with [friend] and get it over with.”  Excuse me?!  I was so insulted.  Wtf?!  I ligitimately liked his friend, he’s the one who doesn’t like me, but either way, I’m not like that!

So, to wrap this all up…just let me not drink sometimes…and I’m not that kind of girl!


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