Now accepting applications:

Yesterday I was walking home and came to the conclusion that I am lonely.  I want someone to hang out with, to take care of, to take care of me.  I want someone I enjoy spending time with who I can cuddle with at night and make cookies for.  Someone who will send me flowers and give me a massage when my shoulders hurt from being hunched at this computer all day.  I want companionship, good conversation.  I want a relationship.  Is that such a bad thing?!  I don’t think so.

So many people in this city just want to date.  I don’t. 


One response to “Now accepting applications:

  1. I came across your blog from the agency spy blog…those e-mails are hilarious. Thank you for distracting me for the last half hour from my work…

    You sound interesting; I’m sure you can find someone to be in a relationship with, isn’t the problem finding someone that is a GOOD companion? Granted, 7 out of 10 guys you will meet want to just “have fun” or “do their own thing” and not be tied down to any one person. But, there are still guys who want relationships. How many of your friends or co-workers have GOOD girlfriends or boyfriends? Someone that isn’t self-absorbed, attentive, intelligent and can hold a conversation?

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