This weekend I am not doing anything.  I am going to leave work by 6 tonight.  I am then going to go to the gym, then go home, make food, and catch up on this week’s tv.  Bed early.

Tomorrow I am going to do laundry and put the winter clothes mom and dad shipped me in the organizational bins I bought so I can hide them under my bed.

Sunday I will try to make it to church – St. Patrick’s I think- go to the grocery store to buy ingredients for cookies.  Bake cookies and hopefully watch movies…barring my roommate doesn’t dominate the tv, which he probably will.

Thanksgiving:  Take the train to the Main Line outside Philly and spend Thanksgiving with Aunt Julie and Uncle Michael.  However, brother might get shipped out Dec. 2nd and may not be able to make it home for Christmas (shipped out includes the base they go to in the US to train before they head to Afghanistan in January).  In that case, I will fly home to Houston last minute to hang with the family.

Christmas: Fly to Houston Dec. 22 and return to NY Dec. 29, just in time for New Years’ fun!

Birthday: Get old in Las Vegas with my mom and the girls (seeing as they actually make flight arrangements as no one has seemed to do yet, therefore I haven’t booked the hotel, because I don’t want to end up with 2 hotel rooms on my c.c. and never get reimbursed.)  I want to get this planned asap and get it out of the way!!


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