Bring on the wrinkles!

I want people to know that I enjoyed my life. I want people to know that I was a happy person. I want people to know I smiled and laughed. In today’s society people are so preoccupied with looking young and “flawless.” Well, you know what, I was 15 once, but I no longer am and I don’t wish to be. I know who I am now, I am more secure, I know what I want. I have learned so much, and with that comes the body of the woman I have become. I have curves and scars and wrinkles…and I love them! Maybe not the curves completely, but I try because I know I will never be that same 5’7″ 115 lb. girl I once was. But I welcome the wrinkles and I love them. I will not botox and I will not apply wrinkle cream obsessively. I will smile and laugh and spend time in the sun enjoying my life. If that gives me sun spots and wrinkles, good; I will have enjoyed the life I have lived! I welcome the laugh lines and crows feet, it will show people that I have enjoyed myself and have experiences!


One response to “Bring on the wrinkles!

  1. that’s kinda weird. while at home, i found a box of pictures from before i moved to Austin. in it, there were pictures of me at the skinniest i’ve ever been. it sorta depressed me, knowing i’ll never ever be that skinny again.

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