Holiday Plans

“I got my warno. I’m leaving the 30th and I get hella busy on the 26th.”

This is the text I received from my brother Friday night. To this I responded, “what is a warno? and the 30th of what??” A day or two before we had been discussing Thanksgiving and how if he ships out before Christmas I will try to come home to see him over Thanksgiving, although plane tickets are ridiculous expensive, so as soon as he knows anything I need to know. This led me to believe he meant Nov. 30, as it pertained to our conversation. I called my parents and they knew nothing, he hadn’t even told them. Mom guessed that the 30th meant October though. I said that was too soon. Saturday she texted him asking the same questions I had. He responded and told her that a warno is a warning of coming orders and that it was indeed November 30th.

Today I started looking for plane tickets. It looks like I can get one leaving here early the day before Thanksgiving (meaning I will have to use my 1 poersonal day) and returning early Saturday morning, for just under $400. To see my brother for the last time [maybe ever] in over a year, I can afford $400.

This means I may get to attend Tash’s bday party, even though I already sent her her present. It also means I will get to see Athens and her new husband. It means, also, that I will have to get brother’s Christmas present before Thanksgiving and that it should probably be something useful over seas. Books? He’ll need entertainment, right?

Tonight I was hanging out at my gfs’ place like I do every Sunday and one of them said something about how one of her friends died in a car accident Friday night and that another is going in to rehab. It felt like she was looking for sympathy and lately I’m just not in a sympathetic mood. Actually, I’m never in a sympathetic mood when it comes to things like that…over half my family is dead. Sorry, to me it’s natural and I’m cold hearted. Anyway, to this I replied…well, my brother is leaving for war next month and my 31 year old cousin whose mom died of ovarian cancer 2 years ago was just diagnosed with breast cancer. She said, oh wow, and that was the end of that. So I’m a bitch.

Anyway, I will be in Houston for 2 days during Thanksgiving. If anyone wants to come hang, let me know!


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  1. lol that’s the best “who has the bigger dick” contest ever.

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