Things I hate so much I grind my teeth:

Austin Energy – they are incompetent, can’t bill the correct party and have turned me over to collections for a bill for the apartment I used to live in for dates past when I moved out.  They also never had it on record that I called to cancel my service as of the day I moved out.  Because it’s not on record they tell me I never called.  Bull shit.

Disputing this with them – no one can get the story straight; I have to reexplain what’s going on every time I call and get a different person; no one will put me on the phone with a supervisor; no one will give me their last name.

The collections agency – If I just want to pay the bill and make it go away they charge me a $4 fee (just because they can); they only do check by phone and won’t take debit, so because I don’t have my check book with me at work to handle this they may put it on my credit before I call back tomorrow (they will be closed by the time I get home tonight).

I get pissed off all over again every time I call them to try to resolve this, so I keep putting it off and I know it’s going to end up on my credit.


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