Mom was laying in her bed, propped up on pillows.  Dad was away on business.  Mom had breast cancer.  She died while he was away.  It was a perfect spring day where it’s sunny and breezy and all the windows are open.  Steve, the neighbor came over to check on me and I hid in the pantry.  I didn’t want to see anyone.  I was mad that cancer continued to ravage my family.

I woke up afraid.  Afraid because every time one of us has a dream about the family it seems to come true.  Mom drempt my cousin was pregnant and when she asked, she said no.  She found out a week later she was.  I was having dreams about breast exams.  The following week I found out my cousin, has breast cancer.  Mom felt when her sister went into labor. 

At 6am this morning I called my mom and asked her when the last time she went to the Dr. was.  I told her about my dream, well…I just told her I had a dream in which she had breast cancer.  I hope she’s ok.

*Update* Mom has recently had a mammogram (sp?) that came back clear, but so did my cousin’s, so she made an appointment today to get ultrasounds done.  She told the dr’s it’s because I had a dream…I’m sure they’re talking about it right now.


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