Today feels like Thursday.  Tuesday felt like Thursday.  Yesterday felt like Friday.

 Wednesday I drank a lot and I am still feeling it.  Yesterday I wasn’t hung over, but I definitely felt dehydrated and just all around “off.”  Last night we went out with a vendor and went to a place called Sammy’s.  It is a kosher restaurant.  God bless, Orthodox Jews, I couldn’t do it.  I felt SO gross after dinner.  All I ate was meat.  Greasy, rot-in-your-gut meat.  Many times the guys tried to pressure me into partaking in the vodka.  What a bad idea.  I resisted.  After Wednesday night I’m good for at least a week.  Today I don’t want to smell alcohol or eat meat.  I just feel gross and the only thing I can seem to stomach is sugar.  Even my tea was gross this morning.  The thought of a burger at lunch (or a beer as a few of the people had) made me nauseous.

 My week is so off. I want to do nothing tonight.  Nothing but sleep.  If I leave here at a decent time I will be in bed by 9.


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