I’m sure there are things I am forgetting about Halloween, but it was Sooooooo fun!  I went as a man eater in red patent heels, black fish nets, a short black pleated skirt, a black tank top, red bra, fake blood dripping down my chin from one side of my mouth, and a bowl full of little green army men with a wooden spoon in it.  It was a hit…and I’m sure people are still finding army men in their pockets!

I met a boy who was at this advertising party, but was only there because his roommate works in media.  He, however, is in finance (this is when I judged him).  We talked throughout the night.  He was sweet.  We danced and talked and flirted and I judged.  He has my ex in his phone.  Weird.  I don’t do finance.  Then we started talking about cooking.  I told him I’ll make a better pot pie than he ever could.  He said he was a soux chef for 8 years.  I told him I’d still make a better pot pie than him…chili too.  He’s Italian and I told him I’d never make lasagna for him.  I don’t even use ricotta in my lasagna.  Hah.

 Before this boy showed up I was hanging with people from work and friends from other agencies just drinking and being ridiculous.  It was so fun!  At one point this guy from the company who was throwing the party stopped me to talk.  He, like everyone else, started the conversation by asking what I was, then when I said it he, like everyone else, went…oooohhhhh…  We talked akwardly for a minute until he finally was like, “I’m hitting on you right now.” I was pretty shocked and I’m sure I made a face.  At that exact, perfect moment some girl walking by tripped over herself and spilled her drink all over my new shoes.  I was a little angry that my feet were all wet, but I was more happy to have an out.  I said, excuse me, I have to go get a napkin and did…but then I just didn’t go back. 

By the end of the night there were little army men everywhere…we were throwing them at each other and chewing on them.  The only complaint I have about the night was the “art” in the bar.  It’s called Gallery Bar and every month they apparently change this art.  This particular night it was of soldiers in Iraq this photographer had apparently gone to live with.  There were captions under all the pictures he had written.  First, let me just say…attack our administration all you want, but leave our soldiers alone!  They’re brave enough to go do something you and I are obviously not and if you had a 12 year old willing to kill you on sight, you probably wouldn’t be the nicest person to everyone either.  These pictures and captions did their best to make the soldiers look mean and evil and terrible.  They live in a highly stressful, dangerous environment.  Screw that guy and his camera.  How are you really going to take pictures in that environment and then try to get all humanitarian?  I can gaurantee you that the terrorists don’t have a humanitarian department telling them to think twice before they go blow up that car with the children in it.  Ugh…the “art” made me angry…and it seemed like a lot of people at the party didn’t appreciate it.

Anyway, off politics, back to Halloween…about 1 I saw all the people I was there with walk outside to leave.  I told the boy I was talking to that they’d all just walked out and I was going to go too.  He said, yeah, lets go.  Lets?  Hmm…I said I was going to go.  Anyway, I turned toward the door and he put his hand on the small of my back and followed me out.  He’d mentioned a driver before, but it didn’t really register.  I went to go left where everyone else had gone…but his driver jumped up and opened the door of an escalade sitting just to the right.  He put his hand on my back and guided me.  I could have disappeared that night and no one would have known.  Instead he took me home, kissed me on the cheek and offered to walk me from the corner to my place.

 It was a great night.


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