Skinny Jeans

So yesterday after work I went to Old Navy…not much different than the Gap, but cheaper cause they know they’re not high end and they don’t pretend to be…and they don’t have a child labor problem that I know of.  Anyway, I decided to try on a pair of skinny jeans, seeing as my wide leg jeans don’t fit prettily into my boots.  I dug for probably 10 minutes looking for my size.  Normally I don’t dig.  Finally I found a 4 Long.  Took them to the fitting room (I didn’t find anything else I liked/needed) and tried them on.  I couldn’t get the damn skinny leg all the way over my calves.  Ugh, this totally pissed me off.   I know I have big legs…I run and it’s genetic…it’s not like I’m fat, I just have muscles.  I don’t work my calves out.  I wish I could make them smaller.  The rest of the jeans totally would have fit.  I went to find a 6 just to see if the leg would be bigger.  Couldn’t find a 6.  Got angry, left and went to the gym.  Ugh, I hate that everything in this country revolves around the body of a 14 year old girl.


2 responses to “Skinny Jeans

  1. just so you know oldnavy, gap and banana republic are all made by the same company so more than likely the slave laborers are just putting oldnavy tags on those jeans instead of gap tags.

  2. Yes, I realize they all have the same parent company. But Gap was the only one called out. I figure if it was all of them that would have been in the news too.

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