Maybe I’m afraid…or realistic?

So my brother is Special Ops in the Army.  He is an artist.  He is also leaving very soon for Afghanistan to go sniff out the bad guys (from the understanding I have of things).  I’ve been asking him to make me a painting for my room.  It started out as something I just wanted and didn’t have money to buy, plus my brother does cool art.  Then I found out he was shipping out.  Now it’s turned into a piece of my brother I will have.  He’s not halfway around the world yet, so it’s not a total reality, but it’s reality enough that I realize he might not actually come back.  Now my wanting this picture has nothing to do with making my room asthetically pleasing and everything to do with the fact that once my brother leaves after the holidays he may never come back.  I want to have a little of something from him and something he made would be ideal.  It is something I would cherish forever and value and hold on to.  Of course, I can’t tell him that.  I really hope he gets it done before he leaves.


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