So I went home because about a month ago my brother got a warno saying he’d be leaving Nov. 30th. It only made sense to come home and spend time with him. About a week before I went home he told me the date changed to Jan. 2. Oh well, it’s still one of the best times of the year, so I was excited to go home. Plus, Athens and Graham were coming. I was supposed to see Tash, and a friend from grad school was supposed to come in too. Her family lives in another state and she was going to come to our place since she wasn’t going to go home and didn’t want to stay in Austin. So this friend decided not to come, but wouldn’t pick up her phone or text me back. Pretty shitty. Maybe I just wanted to talk, see what’s up, shoot the shit…She IMed me to tell me she wasn’t coming. Awesome. She said she couldn’t afford it. This was after she’d come back from a camping trip and is planning to go snow boarding. Then she acted like I was a jerk for not being understanding. I finally quit calling/texting but texted to tell her I wasn’t texting anymore since I was tired of being blown off. She blamed it on her camping trip, but she wasn’t gone camping for a week and a half. The reason I stopped calling her back in Sept. is because she never returned calls or texts…and she didn’t seem to notice or mind. Is it not supposed to hurt my feelings that she deems a Thanksgiving trip to hang out (when she hasn’t seen me in 6 months) unnecessary and unaffordable, but can afford to go both camping and snowboarding? Just tell me you don’t want to go, cause at that point, I don’t believe it. She wrote on my facebook and texted me one night this weekend. I haven’t answered yet. I don’t know if I will. At this point I don’t want to talk to her for a while. That’s not how friends in my book treat each other.

Ok, so this trip was originally so I could go spend time with my brother before he deploys. Still a legitimate reason, being as he leaves in a month and a half. So the thing about my brother is I think he’s a jerk, and were he not my brother we would definitely not be friends. He doesn’t clean up his crap when there is company coming, he all but makes mom do it. He hadn’t cleaned the overflow of junk from his room out of the game room before Athens, Graham, and myself arrived. In fact, the extent of the cleaning he had done was to rinse the hair from his newly shaved mohawk out of the bathroom sink so we could use it. How considerate. The rest of the bathroom was still disgusting and you couldn’t easily walk past his room to mine (the room that functions as the guest room). Wednesday night he was leaving with some friends. I asked him if he’d cleaned up his things like mom asked. He didn’t and then left. I went upstairs and threw his things all into his room. Empty Coke cans and cups and all. Thursday he asked if I’d done that. I said I had and he acted all huffy. I told him mom had asked him to do it, the upstairs was unpresentable to everyone staying with us for the weekend and that was that. He really didn’t argue. He also didn’t stick around. I saw my brother for a total of about 15 minutes in the 4 days I was home. He didn’t bother to stay at home one night…or day for that matter. I didn’t see him at all yesterday before I left. You would think he would want to spend time with his family before he ships out. I mean, I made a last minute trip I hadn’t planned on because of his orders and he didn’t respect that at all. That’s like him though. He really doesn’t respect much of anyone. He’s respectful of officers in the army, but well, he has to be. I now know the 3 people he spent the week with are more important to him right now than our family and that’s great to know. I’m glad I went home. He also made a point to call and tell me before I went home that the picture I wanted him to do for me would be done by the time I got home. Well, the canvases still hadn’t been touched when I left last night. I just wish he would grow up and consider other people. Be a grown up.

So I spent the majority of the weekend knitting. Athens made me a scarf out of some yarn that I bought and I’m working on another. I wish I had more time for a hobby here. I only get to read at night if I want to give up a little sleep time and well, I only knit when I’m at my parents. Here my life is work. Awesome.


2 responses to “Thanksgiving

  1. i wish i could’ve been a better friend than i was. i am sorry for everything. maybe one day you can forgive me.

  2. If only I had any idea who you were.

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