I was napping on a leather couch in a big lake house with wood panneling on the walls.  I woke up with bad cramps.  When I looked down I realized I was 9 months pregnant and that it wasn’t cramps, but labor pains.  I freaked out a little because I had no idea who the father was.  My doctors heard me, so they came in to calm me down.  Lindsay Lohan and Diane Keeton.  The weird thing is, in my dream that wasn’t weird.

The other night I told Gail about this dream and she told me it means something big is coming in my life.  So, when guys have big things coming in their lives do they ever dream that they are pregnant?  Typically dreaming that would scare me, because when someone in our family has a dream that someone is pregnant, that person normally is…but I know it’s not possible that I am…so I wonder if the dream meant anything at all.


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