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Go do drugs

This afternoon I called a friend of mine to finalize plans for tonight. He was at our old high school with about 24 other guys we graduated with playing a game of good-ole-fun football. He said they were leaving the school to go to a junior high near by because the cops had kicked them off the field for not having a “reservation.” Since when must you have a reservation to utilize fields at a public school that you pay taxes to support? That you went to? When did it become wrong to have a good fun game of football with all your old friends when everyone comes home for the holidays? I think it’s pretty crazy. It’s become difficult to have good quality fun with your friends on public property.


Back to the south

My travel experience yesterday was probably the worst I’ve had from New York to home yet. When I booked my ticket I decided I didn’t want to leave til Saturday evening so I would have the day to clean and pack and run errands so I wouldn’t be rushed after work Friday. The best time to go happened to be a flight out of Newark, which I have traveled through, but never into or out of. The consensus of the best way to travel to Newark is to take the train to the airtrain. It was relatively easy and painless until we got to the Newark stop. I got my things and made my way to the door, which closed as I got to it. It didn’t reopen until the next stop. I have budgeted myself just enough time because I met with a friend who was visiting on his way to Israel for dinner. I had actually planned to leave a bit earlier, but our witress forgot to enter our food order, so I have to take my second train option, leaving me no time for error. So, I went to the next stop and had to wait for the train again. I waited for about 30 minutes.

Getting from the train to the airtrain and to my terminal was quite easy. Then when I got to the counter to check my bag they wouldn’t let me, they said it was too close to my flight to check a bag. Then they turned their back to me again to continue the conversation they were having about how they were ticket people, not gate people. I broke into their conversation again to see what I needed to do and I was told, there’s nothing you can do, you’re going to have to find a way to fit one of your bags in another because they won’t let you through security with all that luggage. Then I got a back to me again. I bent down and as fast as I could tried to stuff everything in my purse into another bag and then fit me purse in there too. I finally got my purse stuffed into my already overstuffed (with Christmas presents) dufflebag and went to security. Of course the line was long. Fabulous. I called to tell my parents I could very well miss my flight. At security I was told there was nothing they could do to help me, but I should make my flight just fine. I was still freaking out.

Once I made it to my flight they were just bording the last group of people. I made it. *sigh* We took off late, which meant we would land late, plus the pilot was playing “avoid the storms,” so we zigzagged all over the country. We finally landed an hour late. While walking toward baggage claim and the area where you can be picked up I walked past 2 men talking. One said to the other, “He lost his wallet? Are you shittin’ me?” My first thought was of Sweet Home Alabama where Reese Witherspoon says to her ex, “you know, I’ve never really understood that word, but no I am not shitting you.” It made me smile. I think I got home and made it to bed about 2am. So tired…but I did get to sleep with a girl.

The sweets or the ass?

This morning I was leaving for work with sweets to reward some of the hard working people I work with.  When I opened the door to leave my building there were 2 men standing at the foot of my stairs and the first thing I heard was one say to the other, “bend over and I’ll fuck you in the ass,” but hey, it’s New York and who am I to judge.  Then this same guy got a look at my sweets and said, “I’m hungry; that looks good; I’d eat that.” and once I was a few feet past them he said, “You’ve got a big ass.”

A word I ALWAYS misspell


It is not imput.

Family Drama

So I know it’s kind of bitchy, but I’m still not over it.  Yesterday my brother was IMing me and I didn’t want to talk to him and listen to his snide little comments asking for congratulations or whatever.  I guess since he’s updated it on his facebook I am free to tell you that he is now married.  Married to a 20 year old who he swears he’s known since high school, but as far as I know, came into his life about a month ago.  He was married on Friday, by his chaplain in a church.

Last Sunday I asked him if she was his gf.  He said, “you could say that.”  Then Monday I called to talk to Mom and Dad and Mom answered.  She told me I was on speakerphone with her, Dad, Brian and Britney.  So I said, “so what, don’t say anything inapropriate?” Then Mom told him to tell me.  The way it was going I kind of got the impression that Britney was pregnant.  No, but they had decided to get married.  I completely thought it was a joke since I has asked the day before and didn’t believe it until I got Dad on the phone by himself.  They said it would be a paper marriage so that he could be paid more while in Afghanistan and she could get health benefits.  During the course of the week this somehow evolved into them actually loving each other.  I’m not convinced.  I think they’re now saying this (although they may be unsure) because my family was so unsupportive of a paper marriage.  In my eyes that is not a marriage at all.  I think maybe they both, in their hearts felt what they were doing was wrong, so they’ve convinced themselves that this is a real love.  I don’t believe it yet.  I won’t believe it until he returns from war and they live together as man and wife. 

My mom is scared he is going to go away to war angry with her and that she’s going to lose him forever.  She doesn’t want this to pull him away from her when he may never come back, and she doesn’t want him to be mad at her when he is going to a place where he could die and never return.  In short, my brother is being excused from all responsibility for his life because he is going to war.  He’s not being held responsible for his stupid actions and he’s not being treated like the 22 year old married man that he now is.  He’s being treated as my parent’s youngest child and only son; he’s being excused from everything and held to nothing.  Some day someone’s going to have to start treating him like an adult.  I’m afraid to say, but it may be whenever it is that my parents pass away.  Then they will not be here to keep his silver tray clean and his silver spoon full.

So this wife of his will be married to him for about 3 weeks before he leaves.  I don’t think they will be living together during that time.  So when he is gone for a year or most likely more, will she wait for him?  Will she really not date?  Will she be faithful?  I wasn’t going to get her anything for Christmas, I don’t know her a bit, but last night I thought of an amazing present that will make my parents angry.  First I thought about getting them this book, but I know that will cause a fight first thing Christmas morning, so I will refrain.  Then, genius!  I thought, I can get her a vibrator…since she will be married but alone for over a year.  Pretty sure neither of my parents will be happy with me, so I’m still undecided.  A friend suggested I put the reciept in with it and a note saying: “This if for when you’re lonely, but in the case that you don’t need it, it’s entirely returnable.”

Going home in 5 days.  Should make for an interesting Christmas.  Perhaps a very drunk Christmas.  Very much like in This Christmas…”This isn’t funny, but I plan to drink until it is.”

Fantasy Finals

This week was the first of 2 playoff weeks in our fantasy league.  I was playing my boss’s boss and I’ve only lost one game this season.  I was pretty confident and not worried…then I watched the Jets/Patriots game.  3 points Tom, really?!  3?!?  Tom Brady has been playing like a video game all season, and then when it gets down to the important stuff he gets 3 points.  Good thing the Pat’s defense did well…and LT.  All in all I was freaking out for the last 10 minutes of last night’s games because I was up only 96-89.  Final score ended up being 97-90.  The final is next week and my oponent has yet to be decided.  We will be playing for a $250 Best Buy GC.  Very nice considering our league was free! 

Winter Wonderland?

I want to know what Central Park is like in the winter. Walking through Central Park after a fresh, beautiful winter show is one of my goals this winter. I can only imagine how beautiful it is. Wouldn’t it just be that much more perfect to do it holding hands with someone I love?