So over the weekend I had a few thoughts.  Earth shattering, I know. 

So they were these:

Different races seem to have different expactations/views of the human body.  Specifically black and white.  It seems to me (in strictly my own observations) that black men are expected to work out more and be in great shape, while it is more appreciated for black women to be curvey and have a nice figure.  White women are expected to work out and maintain the body she had at 16, while it’s widely accepted for white men to be lazy and drink beer.  Odd how the two differ.

This weekend I was hanging out with Gail and we decided we were thirsty, so we went to the grocery store to get some beverages.  I bought 2 liters of Coke and she bought 1.5 liters of cranapple juice.  I checked out and paid about $1.50.  She checked out about paid about $3.50.    It dawned on me, it’s so much cheaper to be unhealthy, hence the amount of unhealthy/fat poor people in our country; they can’t afford to be as healthy.  Something is wrong with a system or two when you can afford to give your child Coke, but not apple juice.


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