Christmas Gifting

Because I live so far from my family I decided the easiest way to get Christmas presents to my place is to ask people to ship them there rather than put them under the tree for me on Christmas.   If they’re under the tree in Texas I then have to worry about packing them and carrying them back.  Pretty much all I’ve adamantly asked for this year is a flat screen tv I can hang on my bedroom wall.  Over Thanksgiving Mom and Dad asked if I wanted it before or after Christmas.  First I said after was fine.  Then I thought about it more and said before because a friend would be coming to stay with me in mid-December and he could help me hang it.

Last week on Monday mom told me to be expecting a delivery at the end of the week.  Tuesday night when I got home there was a UPS sticky on the door saying they’d attempted to deliver a package to our apt. and would come back the following day after 5.  Wednesday I was all excited and left work at 5 to be home for the delivery.  It came about 6:30 and was a medium size, light box.  Upon opening I discovered a wall mount for a flat screen tv.  I called mom and told her what I’d recieved.  She found it quite funny since they keep telling me they’re not getting me a tv…and it wasn’t a tv.  She told me I could hang the picture I’m waiting for my brother to paint on it.  Jerk.

 Saturday after running some errands, I returned to my building to find another UPS sticky from the previous day that had fallen off our door on the floor near the mail boxes.  It said they’d tried to deliver a package to our apt. Friday and would come back Monday after 5.  So, yesterday I planned to leave work early again, but my roommate was home in time to sign for whatever came.  Last night I got home to a 26″ Visio LCD HDTV.  My parents are awesome.  I love them.

I will hang it this weekend once my roommate and I switch rooms.  Yes, I said switch rooms.  I can’t afford to pay more in rent and he doesn’t want to.  He doesn’t think it’s fair for one of us (I’m sure he’d take it though) to have the bigger room with the windows without paying more rent.  So, halfway through the lease, we switch.  Stupid.


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