Last night: Bowling

Tonight: Holiday party

Tomorrow night: Dinner and celebrating bdays at Groove

Saturday: Switch rooms; Texas Exes bar crawl; Stereo for bdays

Sunday: Church; girls night

Monday: Massages and drinks

Tuesday: Holiday party; (holiday) dinner party

Wednesday: Knicks game; Going away dinner

Thursday: Manis/Pedis; gym

Friday: All day holiday party at wineries; Gail’s holiday party

Saturday: Recover; Adrian in town; intimidating Christmas party

Sunday: Recover more; ??

Monday: Liquid lunch holiday party with client; company party; after party

Tuesday: Get up late; Holiday party

Wednesday: Skating party at Bryant Park

Thursday: BU in JC (?)

Friday: Laundry, pack and clean

Saturday (12/22): Last minute errands; Fly to Texas for 10 days


One response to “Plans

  1. I see you’re not drinking thursday. What gives?

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